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The key points about eLearning and learner’s development. 
- Speeding up employee training.
- Cost reduction.
- Maximizing knowledge retention.
- Increasing productivity.
- Better collaboration.

It is a platform launched by the Seattle International Center for Contribution to E-Learning and Training that offers a variety of training, mentoring, self-education, e-consultancy and restructuring services.

We also provide academic e-learning services in cooperation with accredited universities around the world.

We can safely say that eLearning has become an absolute must in today’s world, because it provides learners with an exceptionally rich learning experience. But, how has eLearning become such an important part of corporate training, and why is it rapidly growing in popularity?
The previously discussed reasons show precisely why eLearning is essential, and why a growing number of organizations are adopting that particular approach to employee training. However, perhaps the most important reason why it has emerged as a must includes the fact that it significantly increases revenue and Return On Investment (ROI).