• Dr. Laila Shahrour
    Dr. Laila Shahrour

    -Certified trainer and consultant in the field of business administration and self-development skills.
    -She holds a PhD in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Social Psychology.
    -A certified trainer with the Federation of GCC States Chambers through a partnership agreement in the Training Department

  • Dr. Waleed Al yaziji
    Dr. Waleed Al yaziji

    -PhD in Human Resources Management from the University of Los Angeles, California.
    -President of the Higher Institute for Banking Studies.
    -A certified manager and trainer in several fields.
    -He has more than 25 years of practical experience in the United States of America, Europe and the Gulf countries in the banking and insurance sectors, as well as in the petroleum and industrial sectors.
    -He holds many professional certificates accredited SPHR, CII

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Language English (US)
Time 2 hours 38 minutes

طريقة التسجيل والحصول على الشهادة من خلال الرابط التالي: اضغط هنا

Course Description

As many of us enter the second or even third month of working with remote teams due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the necessity of holding performance reviews and other meetings digitally is becoming more real.

Even companies that regularly conduct business with remote teams can find this challenging.

Performance reviews can be one of the more challenging meetings to conduct virtually, but they can be done effectively with the right structure and approach.

This workshop will show you how to hold a performance review meeting effectively by:

  1. Setting clear expectations and measurable objectives.

        Agreeing with virtual team on what the company’s goals are

        Identifying the strategic and tangible KPI’s for virtual teams

        Setting the virtual team performance standards

        Identifying virtual performance tracking tools


  1. Tracking performance in real time. 

        Developing online tables so that virtual teams can be motivated to track their own progress toward objectives in real time

        Using the Balanced Scorecard approach to prioritize the virtual team’s work, measure and monitor progress towards strategic objectives 

        Measuring results with impact on bottom lines

        Using the screen sharing to display data to agree and remedy to any performance substandard or deviation

        Ongoing Renewal of the performance objectives based on individual progress results


Target audience:

This course is highly recommended for all managers, supervisors, and team leaders at all levels who wish to acquire insights on how to conduct virtual performance evaluation reviews, while having the necessity to track their virtual team performance through a highly motivating two-way feedback process.


Why remote training?

With the rapid development, remote training and self-learning have become essential to ensure quick access to information and attend any online course at anytime and anywhere that suits you, and you can benefit from the best international experts.


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    • Introduction
      2 minutes
    • Clear expectations & measurable goals
      20 minutes
    • How to agree on Company's goals
      17 minutes
    • Performance evaluation criteria
      17 minutes
    • Use of standards
      11 minutes
    • Results & performance appraisal process problems
      22 minutes
    • Virtual team performance and performance tracking tools
      14 minutes
    • Tracking performance in real time
      21 minutes
    • key performance indicators
      16 minutes
    • Measure Key performance indicators (KPIs)
      18 minutes