• Dr. Nataly Samaha
    Dr. Nataly Samaha

    -Certified trainer in Business English.
    - A professor at the university, majoring in English.
    -Degree in English Language and Literature from the Holy Spirit University - Kaslik (USEK).
    -And a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Arts, Science and Technology in Lebanon (AUL-Kaslik).

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Language English (US)
Time 50 minutes

طريقة التسجيل والحصول على الشهادة من خلال الرابط التالي: اضغط هنا

 Course Description

Business English aims to provide students of all backgrounds to grasp basic business theories, methods, and terminologies and to develop students’ communication skills through writing and solving case studies to link the theory into practice. It will also help them succeed in the international workforce. Additionally, students will be assigned assignments to assess their knowledge following the end of major themes. Ultimately, students enrolled in the course will be prepared to enter the world of business with regards to the challenges and responsibilities they may face.


Course Outcomes

Following successful completion of the Business English course, students will be able to:

               Write a CV/ Resume and a cover letter for any potential Job vacancy

               Compose Professional Emails & Memos using the appropriate tone and style

               Answer questions asked in job interviews and conduct successful communication

               Distinguish different types of Business Letters and when to use each

               Prepare perfect PowerPoint Presentations for effective public talks

               Organize Business Reports and contributing in a company’s Annual Report


Topics to be covered:

               Professional resume and cover letter



               Formal Job Interviews

               Business Letters

               PowerPoint Techniques

               Business Reports 

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