• Dr. Waleed Al yaziji
    Dr. Waleed Al yaziji

    -PhD in Human Resources Management from the University of Los Angeles, California.
    -President of the Higher Institute for Banking Studies.
    -A certified manager and trainer in several fields.
    -He has more than 25 years of practical experience in the United States of America, Europe and the Gulf countries in the banking and insurance sectors, as well as in the petroleum and industrial sectors.
    -He holds many professional certificates accredited SPHR, CII

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Language English (US)
Time 1 hour 34 minutes

طريقة التسجيل والحصول على الشهادة من خلال الرابط التالي: اضغط هنا

Course Description

High impact negotiation skills are critical to organizational success in the competitive business world of today. Whether designing joint ventures, closing business deals, or leading diverse teams, it is essential for managers and leaders at all levels to possess the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively present their ideas, analyze the interests of others, discover synergies, and reach agreements. The advanced negotiation skills program will provide delegates with a comprehensive and systematic approach for more effectively reaching win-win outcomes and closing agreements.

After completing the course, the employee will:

·         Go into any negotiation with full confidence in their overall grasp of the elements and skills involved.

·         Measure and assess the effectiveness of their own negotiation skills and styles and identify the strategies required for different negotiation situations.

·         Examine successful behaviors and styles used to manage critical negotiations effectively.

·         Plan successfully for every negotiation.

·         Identify possible Win-Win outcomes.


Course Outline

·         Negotiation Skills: From Concept to Practice

·         Negotiation Strategies & Techniques

·         Negotiations Phases: Process & Content to Reach a Deal

·         Identifying Possible Win-Win Outcomes

·         Measure and assess effectiveness of your own negotiation skills


Target audience :

·         Team Leaders, Managers


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      18 minutes
    • The Negotiation Structure
      16 minutes
    • Investigate
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    • Repackage and Close
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